We’re Good to Go – Covid-19 Measures

It has been one heck of a year, well more than a year now, and it is getting on for two full tourism seasons that we have been living under the conditions of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Alex the Guide holding the certificate

Stay Safe, Make Space

Alex the Guide is keen to ensure that everyone coming to the North Highlands has a great trip that is safe and stays healthy while they are here.

Visitors will be asked to comply with whatever appropriate Covid-19 regulations and guidelines are in place at the time of their visit as detailed by the Scottish Government.

The business complies with the guidance of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association who ensure the quality and professionalism of its members.

Sadly this means that the Set Menu of tours is very limited this season, and numbers in groups will need to be limited to ensure that everyone has a good time while staying safe.

Please ask at the time of booking if you have any concerns about health issues and do not forget to tell us about any special needs and requirements that you may have and that we should be aware of.

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