Old High Kirk Inverness

St Stephens the Old High Kirk in Inverness

I recently heard that the future of the Old High Kirk in Inverness is in some doubt. The parish that is responsible for looking after the church, St Stephens in the Crown, has problems with funding.

In this extract from my walking tour of Inverness, I hope you’ll agree that there are some compelling reasons to preserve the Old High Kirk and look after it in the long term.

St Stephens – The Old High Kirk, Inverness

The Church itself dates back to the 16th Century and the location was used as a church as long ago as 585AD when St Columba of Iona came to Inverness and brought Brude, King of the Picts hereabouts to Christianity.

It was used after the Battle of Culloden to house Jacobean prisoners who were executed in the graveyard and against the north wall of the tower.

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