Short articles intended to heighten your interest in the North Highlands of Scotland.

A fair fragment of folklore, a helping of history, a taste of food, maybe some science and a little bit of art.

Brahan Seer Monument

The Brahan Seer

Every country has had its prophets: Greece its Cassandra, Rome its Sybils, England its Nixon, Wales its Robin Ddu, and the Highlands their Kenneth Oaur … The predictions, say the good wives, have been fulfilled, and not a single breach in the oracular effusions of Kenneth Oaur. The words of the English writer Thomas Pennant …

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The North Highland Line

Inverness The railway line from Inverness to Thurso and Wick in Caithness is the northernmost railway in the British Isles, and it is my preferred route in and out of home in Wick to the big city of Inverness some one hundred and twenty-five kilometres (somewhat less than eighty miles) away as the crow flies. …

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The Battle of the Orange

In 1859 a fight between two boys over a piece of fruit escalated into a riot of over a thousand men known as “Sabaid Mhòr Wick”. To give a bit of background, the nineteenth century was when the fishing industry was absolutely huge. In the first decade, an entire town had been commissioned on the …

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A painting of the fairy hill with Tam at the entrance and fairies within

The Fairy Hill

About a kilometre west of Wick in Caithness, between the railway and the river, stands a small mound marked on the Ordnance Survey map as the Fairy Hill. On the other side of the river to the north goes the old track to Sibster and Loch Watten, then eventually to Thurso. In the early evening …

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